Septic Tank Pumping

I bet you didn’t know you probably have a septic system buried under your house in the backyard until your toilet started overflowing. According to American Ground Water Trust, about one-third of Americans have a septic system treating their waste in their homes.

The septic tank separates the water that is combined from the shower, toilet, sinks and washing machines. Septic tanks are designed so only the liquid waste that goes into a river or sea are discharged into the drains. This liquid waste, also called effluent, is degraded to be filtered by good soil, and combine with the organic material left on it, they act together as fertilizers. That’s how septic tanks work basically.

As any other thing, they require homeowners to take care of them before any problems can show up. Since they are buried underground and they do a lot of work, once you can actually see a problem, it’s probably too late. Not taking care of the septic tank can cost you a couple thousands of dollars.

Pump your Septic Tank

Even with a good maintenance, sludge and scum can build up in your tank over time. Once sludge and scum reaches a certain level, it is mandatory to pump the tank. the That’s why it should be pumped out regularly.

Without regular pumping of your septic tank, the system can overflow. When this happens, damages to your property and your health may occur such as: toilets and drains giving back what should go on the tank; flooded yard; underground damage can contaminate the water you drink and use.

We Can Help!

We offer septic tank inspections, pumping, and maintenance. If any emergency occurs, we are ready to help 24/7. Doing it by yourself can result in fees. Septic Tanks are to be taken care by licensed companies, such as us.

We at Speedy Rooter, Inc. have over 27 years of experience and are home to Southeast Florida’s top plumbing, grease trap, and septic team. We offer 24-hour emergency services all year round. Give us a call, we can help.

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