Lift Station Inspection

At Speedy Rooter, Inc., we understand the critical role that lift stations play in maintaining proper wastewater flow and preventing backups. Our lift station inspection service is designed to ensure that your lift station is functioning optimally, helping you avoid costly repairs and disruptions.

Why Lift Station Inspection Matters:

Lift stations are essential components of municipal and commercial plumbing systems that transport wastewater from lower to higher elevations. Regular lift station inspection is crucial for the following reasons:

Preventive Maintenance: Routine inspections allow us to identify potential issues early on, preventing major problems from developing and avoiding unexpected breakdowns.

Optimal Performance: A well-maintained lift station operates efficiently, ensuring smooth wastewater flow and minimizing the risk of overflows.

Compliance: Many municipalities require periodic lift station inspections to meet regulatory standards. Our team
ensures that your lift station complies with all local regulations.

Our Lift Station Inspection Process:

When you choose Speedy Rooter, Inc. for lift station inspection, you can expect a thorough and systematic approach to ensure every aspect of your lift station is evaluated:

Visual Inspection: Our experienced technicians begin by conducting a visual examination of the lift station, checking for any visible signs of wear, corrosion, or damage.

Pump Performance Evaluation: We assess the pump’s performance, ensuring it is operating efficiently and effectively. 

Control Panel Examination: Our team inspects the control panel to verify proper settings and functionality.

Alarm System Testing: We check the alarm system to confirm it is responsive and will alert you in case of any issues.

Float Switch Verification: The float switches are evaluated to ensure they are accurately detecting liquid levels.

Electrical Component Inspection: Our technicians examine all electrical components to identify potential hazards or malfunctions.

Cleaning and Maintenance Recommendations:
If needed, we’ll suggest cleaning and maintenance steps to optimize your lift station’s performance.

Experience the Speedy Rooter, Inc.

With years of experience and a dedicated team of plumbing experts, Speedy Rooter, Inc. is committed to providing reliable and efficient lift station inspection services. Our goal is to keep your lift station functioning at its best, allowing you to focus on your core business without worrying about plumbing issues.

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