Grease Trap Cleaning

It is not recommended to pour fats, oils, or grease down the drain because it will clogged it out. An easy solution is putting all that stuff in a bag and throw it away in the trash can. But, what about restaurants and larger locations? They need to get rid of fats, oils, and grease more regularly and in a higher volume.

The amount and frequency of this requires a more specialized device, and that’s when grease traps come to scene to make sure that pipes and drains keep working smoothly and safe. You may hear people calling them interceptors or grease traps, but they are one of the most crucial parts of a commercial kitchen.

How Does Grease Trap/Interceptors Work?

Easily explained, the grease trap slow down the flow of warm and hot greasy water until it cools down. As the water gets cooler, the grease and oil separate and they float to the top of the trap. The water- and the water only- continue to flow down the sewer pipe.

Not taking care of your grease trap can cause you a headache and slow down your commercial establishment. That is when Speedy Rooter, Inc. comes to scene. Speedy Rooter, Inc. offers a monthly Grease Trap Maintenance Program with no call needed.

We service restaurants, hotels, schools, hospital and all other industrial waste producers. Our solution to save you time and hassle has kept us in business for more than 30 years.

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